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We clean exterior walls, roofs, gutters, decks, patios, walkways, driveways, pool areas, and more. In just one visit, we’ll make every part of your home look new again. You’ll be surprised at what a difference a power washing can make to your home’s appearance.

Dirt, grime and algae can make a home look unattractive and if left unattended can lead to costly repairs.  A complete exterior cleaning of your home can be a great way to refresh your home and improve its curb appeal.  A clean exterior can also help you better determine the condition of your painted surfaces and uncover hidden problems.


Preparing to have your home painted? Pressure washing is an important part of prepping your home for paint.  If this step is skipped or not completed properly, the new paint job will not last as long as it should. 

If you are preparing to sell your home, Complete can help you make your home and driveway look their best for potential buyers.

Home, Windows and Roof

Cleaning your home siding, windows and roof has benefits beyond an improved appearance.  Unsightly dark streaks and other foreign growth on your roof if left unattended can lead to more costly repairs and a sooner than anticipated roof replacement.

Pool and Patio

When you add the cleaning of the surfaces around your pool or outdoor patio, you’ll get a washing of all your outdoor furniture, such as tables, chairs, and more, included with your service at no additional charge. We will use the best cleaning approach for each type of surface you have – concrete, brick, tile, stone, wood, and more.

Fences and Decks

Is your fence or deck starting to look dirty and worn-out?  Chances are, they are in better shape than it might seem. Over time, the dirt and debris from wind and rain can enter the pores of these services and if not addressed can cause costly repairs or full replacement prematurely. Depending on the materials, it’s also possible mold, mildew or algae can start to build up on your deck or fences presenting an unsafe environment for your family and pets. Regular pressure washing can remove all these and with a sealant, can extend the life of your deck and fences saving you unnecessary replacement or repair expenses.

Deck Staining and Concrete Sealing

Sealing and protecting your wood deck, fence and concrete from day-to-day wear and tear can help you extend its life and help maintain its appearance.    

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